Feed Hungry Christians in Nicaragua

and Live the Gospel

I Want to Donate To Feed Hungry Christians in Nicaragua

Without water, there is NO LIFE

A severe drought has left hundreds of Christians in Nicaragua without food
and clean water.

Please help us provide the basic needs of life to these brothers and sisters in need.

100% of your donation will help Christian families in need

We’re a non-profit organization on a mission to Live the Gospel by serving needy Christians all over the world. You can join us.

Support Needy Christians

Christians are suffering severe economic hardship. The basic needs of life like food, shelter, and medical care are out of their reach.

Your sacrifice touches Christians across North America as well as places like Romania, Ukraine, South Africa, Nicaragua, & the Philippines.

Help Christians Around the World

So many Christians have a heart of service, but don't know how to reach those in need of help. 1213 connects your sacrifice with their need.

You Can Be Part of the Solution

You Can Be A Local Partner

You can be one of our strong local partners and help us find needs in your church or community.

100% of your donation to 1213 is tax-deductible as we are recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 organization.

Your Donation is Tax Deductible

Private donors fund our operating costs so 100% of your donations go straight to Christians in need.

100% of Your Donation Helps Christians

You can change the lives of needy Christians with a donation of any amount. A one-time donation or monthly gift changes lives.

Any Donation Helps - Large or Small

1213 is not affiliated with any local church and we accept donations from individuals and not churches.

Donations Come From Christians Like You

I Want to Donate To Feed Hungry Christians in Nicaragua

What’s 1213?

Because every


is worth it

Christian families in Nicaragua.
I Want to Donate To Feed Hungry Christians in Nicaragua

Why 1213?

Your sacrifice means food, shelter, medical care, & love for men, women, and children all over the world.

You can help Christians with needs arising from:



Death of a Spouse

Job Loss

Serious Illness

Single Parents

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When you support 1213 you provide Christians in Nicaragua help to overcome the turmoils of life

For as little as $20 you can provide food and clean water for a month



Medical Care

Your support provides access to desperately needed medical treatment. Children are also provided with eye care and glasses.

Many Christians live in homes without basic sanitation and clean water. They even lack the security of windows and doors.

Due to the drought, these Christians are unable to grow or afford food. Your donation provides beans, rice, sugar, flour and oil to feed a family for one month.

Questions? Call 1213 Toll-Free • 888-766-1213

"... distributing to the needs of the saints ...~ Romans 12:13

Hungry Christian families in Nicaragua.

The Facts

Food is needed urgently

Christians are in a state of malnutrition

Prices for corn and beans have recently quadrupled

Many Christians subsist on less than $2 per day


Communities have no clean water to drink due to the drought

The first harvest, which takes place between May and August, has yielded nothing


Corn and beans, the staples of their diet, are wilting in the worst drought in decades

2,500 cattle have died and 700,00 more are in critical health as they roam dry pastures

“1213 provides a way for Christians to live the gospel”

1213 provides Christians a way to live the gospel.

How much more can we be like the church - or like Jesus, for that matter - than to take care of each other in our needs, to bear one another's burdens, to extend the grace of God in a palpable way? And that's precisely what 1213 has enabled: to provide a way for Christians all over to sacrifice and actually live the gospel.

Your love is their hope

In 2012 our daughter Nancy was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer. Her medical bills exceeded $30,000 within the first year. Obviously this was more than what she and our family could afford to pay, so I am very grateful that 1213 stepped in and provided her with some much-needed financial support. I would encourage you to support this worthy organization.

“1213 stepped in and provided financial support”

~ Thailer J, Evangelist

~ Becky B, Professor, Florida College

A severe drought has destroyed the crops of Christians in Nicaragua.
Livestock are dying in dry pastures.
Lakes are drying up in Nicaragua due to the worst drought in decades.
1213 stepped in and provided financial support.
I Want to Donate To Feed Hungry Christians in Nicaragua

“1213 provides an amazing service”

From matching thousands of dollars to provide orphans with a forever home, to answering my call for a one-time gift to help a fixed-income widow of a gospel preacher get her car repaired and back on the road, these folks come through. 1213 provides an amazing service. They care. And...they are the real-deal.

1213 provides an amazing service.

Photo: Courtesy/Oswaldo Rivas

Photo: Courtesy/Oswaldo Rivas

Photo: Courtesy/Oswaldo Rivas

~ Wilson A, Evangelist